WordPress 5.3发布后,已连续两次小版本更新,WordPress 5.3.1除了修正错误外,还包含了安全更新,升级是非常必要的。而WordPress 5.3.2,只是修正了5个错误,并不包含安全更新。 如果你的主机不能在后台自动升级,可以复制下面的链接到下载工具中,下载后FTP覆盖。



Date/Time: Ensure that get_feed_build_date() correctly handles a modified post object with invalid date.

Uploads: Fix file name collision in wp_unique_filename() when uploading a file with upper case extension on non case-sensitive file systems.

Media: Fix PHP warnings in wp_unique_filename() when the destination directory is unreadable.

Administration: Fix the colors in all color schemes for buttons with the .active class.

Tests/build tools: In wp_insert_post(), when checking the post date to set future or publish status, use a proper delta comparison.